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Home medical supplies: The home nebulizer can be a life saving device

A nebulizer is an important device for people suffering from respiratory problems; it can turn disconsolate days into optimistic ones as it can allow an afflicted person to feel better. Indeed, this equipment can be easily found in the medical supply market since it is a life saving tool for ailing people. It is therefore not a surprise that even the internet can provide this effective equipment for breathing.

In case you often experience labored breathing, then you should seriously consider buying a home nebulizer along with other home medical supplies such as a peak flow meter.  This way, you can simply plug the device when you think you are in need of assistance in easing up your breathing. The gadget works by changing the respiratory medication from liquid into mist so the result can simply be inhaled into the lungs of patients like you. Home nebulizer therapy is known to be efficient in delivering asthma medications to small children and infants and to any person who finds it difficult to use asthma inhalers that contain a spacer.

You however, cannot just purchase or rent a nebulizer out of the blue since you will be required to present a prescription obtained from your physician. Nebulizers may vary in cost which typically ranges from $200 to $250. Check with your insurance company before you try to purchase or rent one since you may be glad to know that there are some insurance companies that have it covered.

During the treatment, the medication can stick to the sides of the nebulizer and you need to get rid of the droplets in order to continue. You will also need to cover the compressor using a clean cloth when storing to keep the nebulizer clean and free from dust and pollen.

The need for a nebulizer and other home medical supplies is becoming greater each year as more and more children are developing asthma and other respiratory ailments.


pediatric nebulizer mask for a 15 month old?? Nic the Dragon or T.C. Turtle? Also Margo Moo Nebulizer?

My daughter has really bad allergies possibly asthma. She has to take 6 breathing treatments a day. The blow by technique is not good enough on her and we have to use a mask. The pedi masks that the med supply place gives us don’t fit her very well but they said that there are a couple of pedi masks like Nic the Dragon and T.C. Turtle. I found these on the web but I didn’t know who would be best to order them through. Also does anyone know if the T.C. Turtle would be to small for her? Nic the Dragon looks like it is the same size as the regular pedi masks, but the T.C. Turtle looks like it’s more infant sized. Please help me out. Also if anyone has a Margo Moo Compressor Nebulizer is it worth getting?
If anyone knows of any other good masks for a 15 month old please let me know.

My daughter uses one as well and yes they are soo..worth getting I use to have to use her puffers with a areo-chamber but her compresser has been a good send
The dragon is the same as a regular pedi mask
Turtle is infant sized..

I myself would stick to the regular pedi mask and just tighten the elastic string around because you don’t know how long this condition will continue, I know you have to replace them after a certian time. But even if it seems to not fit well all you have to do is hold it infront of the child and the med is still delivered (hospital instructions)

and the infant masks are really really small,,

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